What does the aluminum profile qualitative processing method on door window have?

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Because of various advantages of aluminum doors and Windows, many people have installed aluminum doors and Windows in the home, these Windows and doors are aluminum doors and Windows processing equipment, how is the production of aluminum Windows and doors profiles processing out, this is the problem that a lot of people want to know, when buy relation of chemical composition of aluminum and aluminum content, just like people now widespread concern of food and cosmetics ingredients, So now we will understand how to process industrial aluminum equipment.


Before the aluminum profile processing, we need to add other metals in pure aluminum, melt into the aluminum alloy product models needed by our products, and then according to the requirements of the profile of industrial products to make a variety of molds, the process of making the mold is very important, related to the size, shape and color of industrial aluminum equipment and so on.

With the mold and aluminum alloy, we can put the aluminum alloy raw material inside the mold and extrude it into the mold shape, so that the industrial aluminum equipment has the shape we need. The manufactured industrial aluminum equipment will be affixed with the label with the name and shelf life remarks, and then attached to the exquisite packaging, and finally wait for factory sales.

Above is industrial aluminum equipment manufacturing process, and design is the step before the production of aluminum products, in designing the shape of aluminum, want to consider the strength of the aluminum is in compliance with the industrial equipment, considering the aluminum can withstand the pressure and weight is how much, to know what is a kind of alloy aluminium material is suitable for use, finally make it we need the appearance of mold, In general, the strength of aluminum without adding any metal is the lowest, so it seems that the hardness and strength of aluminum products, and the amount of alloy content has the most direct relationship.

In addition, when industrial aluminum equipment design, but also to consider a factor, is the corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy, because we in the process of use, aluminum alloy has a variety of applications, and these different environmental requirements of aluminum alloy products have different degrees of corrosion resistance, so as to better use. The price of processing aluminum equipment is also based on the price of the materials used, because in the production process of industrial aluminum equipment, a lot of materials will be used, and at the same time, the transportation cost and packaging cost should be included in the cost.


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